Minni Havas

Minni was born in Finland.She is an illustrator that creates photo-realistic artwork. She works with a range of materials to produce dream-like portraiture and fashion illustrations.  “By drawing and painting I make detailed pictures with magical colours and arrangements somewhere in the borderlands of the real and the imaginary,” says Minni. “Even though you see many portrait-like images in my portfolio, I’m more into the atmosphere and subtle emotions and feelings than portraying just a pretty face,” she says.  She more interested in patterns and textile illustration even though she has a lot of portrait-like illustration. “In other words I’m interested in the feeling and the story of the image, which also applies to my pattern designs.”

She also has a variety of clients for example Anti Sweden, BBH New York, Refinery29, Citroën, Hartwall, Diesel, Minna Parikka along with others.












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