Third shoot

I think my third shoot end really well. I used the same lighting as I did from my previous shoot and these images came out totally different so I think the issues from the last one was the white balance because it had more of a warm tone but there wasn’t a warm tone for this shoot.


These are some of the photo’s that I got out of the shoot, although I need to process them by touching up the brightness and removing any blemishes the model may have. That’s all I would do while processing these images. Also the models eyelashes were falling off and if I had a better knowledge of processing I would’ve been able to make it look like it was stuck down but I don’t have that mush experience with processing images so I wasn’t able to do that. Hopefully in the next few weeks/months I will be able to increase my knowledge in processing.

I thought the background worked well with the makeup look that I asked the makeup artist to do. I did have to turn the power down on the modifiers because the first few images came out too bright and washed out the makeup which wasn’t as flattering. So when I decreased the power the background darkened which created the model to look her actual colours.

I decided to look up a few makeup photography poses so that the model had more of an idea on how I wanted her to look.






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