Evaluation for all shoots

For this unit I had to respond to a pice of Art using photography, showing how I responded to the pics of art in photographs. I’ve responded to quite a few pieces of art that I’ve researched as you can see in my folder, this lead me to develop my into further research of illustrators that inspired me to do different makeup looks on my models. This helped me develop my ideas into the images that I’ve got, also to finalize my images into which were the best to the ones that weren’t.

I decided to change both of my models makeup for each shoot, so that I have more of a variety in my images because if I just stuck with the same makeup and the same poses I think it would be quite boring and it would look like one shoot instead of multiple shoots.  Another thing I changed was the lighting setup. For the practice shoot I tried 4 different techniques, I didn’t end up liking any of them, as I thought the background was too bright and washed the model out. This lead to me doing more research on different lighting setups/techniques ready for my next shoots. I also changed my camera lens for shoot 2 & 3 to a 24-105mm because I was just using a kit lens and I wanted to get closer shots of the model so that she’d fill the frame and there wouldn’t be as much background showing when using the 24-105mm lens. In shoot 4 I used my phone as it’s an iPhone 7 Plus and you can change your camera to portrait mode which I wanted to try out.

For my second shoot I researched makeup shoots and looked at what lighting they used so that I could get something similar out of my shoots, this also made me more prepared for my shot. I tried a lighting setup that I thought would work well but the white balance on the camera that I used was different because I used a college camera instead of my own as I wanted to use the different lens and it wouldn’t fit on my camera because mine was a Nikon and the lens only fits Canons. I should have cheeked all the camera setting but I didn’t at the time because I just thought it was the lighting that was the issue. I also asked one of my tutors what he thought was causing my images to be warm toned and he said that he didn’t know as the lighting was fine and he had a quick look at the camera setting and he thought everything was fine so no one knew why it had a warm tone to the photos until later when I looked at all the camera settings and realised that the white balance wasn’t the same as what I perviously used for my practice shoot. I decided to process so of the images so that they were less warm toned and to how it looked in person. This also made me realise that I should always cheek all camera settings and not just the main one (ISO, F-Stop and Shutter Speed).

Then for my third shoot I continued to use the same lighting as the second shoot, I also made sure the camera setting were right this time. The outcome for this shoot was a lot better than the preceding others. The background was the perfect tone for the makeup. I thought it complimented the model and her makeup, which is what I wanted. Another thing to add is that there isn’t a massive contrast between the background and the model, were as in my practice shoot there was, especially with the white background and my model. I also researched model poses so that the model had a better idea on how I wanted her to look and then she had a better idea on what I wanted the outcome to look like. By me doing this it helped the shoot go a lot faster as well.

Moving onto my fourth shoot I just wanted to use natural lighting as it was a location shoot, I also didn’t think I needed an other lighting, as it was bright outside. I also used two different camera, I used my iPhone which I used for part of the shoot and then changed to my Canon 700d. I wanted to use my phone because it has portrait mode and I thought that I’d try it out just to compare the quality. I do prefer my camera as the outcome of the images are more crisp where as my images on my phone aren’t, I did expect this, but the ones on my phone are still good. In my location shoot I made sure that there was depth of field because there was a lot of texture in the background as we went to a forest and I wanted to have the main concentration on the model instead of the background and I feel although if there was not depth of field the focus wouldn’t just be on the model.I also asked my model to wear neutral clothing so that there wasn’t a lot of vibrant colours because I didn’t want a lot of contrast because I think it would take over the image(s) and you’d focus more on that then the actual makeup/model.

For processing my images I kept it to a minimum and I didn’t want my images to look really processed to the point where the models skin didn’t look like her skin. All I did was remove any blemishes and changed the warmth on a few because I thought they were either too ‘cold’ or ‘warm’. For my fourth shoot I had to add quite a bit of warmth into the image because there was a lot of green which created the whole image to have a green undertone but after processing them they look much better.

In consideration I think my shoots in general went well, some better than others but I thinks thats to be expected. My research was well thought out, I tried to research a variety of artist instead of just one. I also looked a various lighting techniques/setups so that I had a rough idea on what would give me the best results out of my shoots, which I think I achieved.  Another thing that I have done is experimented with lighting, for most of my shoots I used a different lighting setup so that I could have a variety of finale images also to find the best lighting out for ‘beauty shoots’, which I think would have to me the lighting I used for my third shoot because in my opinion worked well with the makeup that I decided to go for.

For my finale images I researched a variation of printing companies, as well as ordering samples from ThePrintWorks and Snapfish. From my sample pictures I mush preferred the matte finishing ones than glossy as the photos looked more professional without a sheen to them. I order my final images 12×8 in matte mainly because they are a lot bigger, easier to see little details and I preferred matte over glossy. When it came to picking my final images I asked one of my tutors which he preferred and I also asked a few family members. Taking them into consideration along with my own favourites I had 11 images that I decided to print and use as my final images. After my final images had arrived I decided to put them in ordered of the shoots instead of mixing them up. I also asked a family member on what they thought I should do and they agreed.

I think I have profitably achieved the brief as I have met all the requirements and composed a set of images inspired by Sergey (his Instagram –https://www.instagram.com/milk1422/?=en)






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